Hanweck is the leading provider of risk analytics as-a-service with our real-time, data-enabled, global, cross-asset risk analytics platform.

 Real-time solutions in finance on a large scale. And bigger.

New Use Cases: Hedge Fund Risk Management and Alpha Generation

Explore our latest Use Cases to learn how hedge funds are using Hanweck analytics across their trading and risk functions.

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Introducing the Hanweck Borrow Intensity Indicator® 

Our newest indicator mines data from the options market to deliver new levels of transparency into securities lending rates. 

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Hanweck Options Analytics:
A Comprehensive Scope of Security-Level Analytics

Implied Volatilities & Greeks
Scenario Analytics
Margin Analytics
Derivatives Signal Analytics
Credit Analytics


Options LiquidityMatrix™

Hanweck partners with TABB Group to produce the Options LiquidityMatrix, a monthly analysis of options market activity that includes trading volumes and statistics on execution metrics for each U.S. listed options exchange.

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