Value Proposition

Lower cost and complexity with Volera

Hanweck’s Volera® Risk Analytics platform stands apart with its real-time “as-a-service” delivery model that streamlines the complexity, cost and resource commitment typically required to produce the highest quality risk analytics to inform your trading strategies and risk applications. Seamlessly integrate Volera as a data feed into your own proprietary applications and deploy your valuable internal resources to advance your core business.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Volera’s “as-a-service” model minimizes time to delivery, integration costs, and internal resources required to support real-time, high-quality risk analytics.


Simplified Technology Integration

Volera’s “data-enabled” approach means that Hanweck sources all real-time price feeds and reference data for you, delivering a complete analytical platform with the simplicity of taking one new data feed.


Highest Reference Data Integrity

Hanweck’s reference data experts have deep knowledge of the global derivatives markets and unify the underlying reference data in the Hanweck environment to provide a high quality, integrated data product.


Reliable and Transparent Source of Risk Analytics

As a third party provider, Hanweck offers you an independent source for risk analytics that supports your internal risk controls and reporting.


Flexible Client-Directed Solutions

Volera can be integrated with internal solutions and customized to meet your specific quantitative approach. The Hanweck team of quants works with your in-house quant team to maximize the value of Volera in your proprietary environment.