Hanweck Technology Advantage

Hanweck is a leader in creating parallel computing solutions on accelerated hardware, and pioneered the application of GPUs to the equity derivatives markets. Hanweck created Volera with parallel and high-performance architecture to power our real-time analytics services, and deliver solutions as a service to our clients. The Hanweck team combines strong expertise in quant finance and computer science and works closely with clients to customize services and deployments.

Proprietary Volera Compute Engine

The Volera analytic engine underlies Hanweck Options Analytics, Portfolio Risk Analytics and Historical Data offerings. This powerful computing engine is capable of consuming the highest-volume market data feeds such as the OPRA feed with peaks over 70 million messages per second, and processing millions of analytical calculations per second. Volera archives over 2 petabytes of fully queryable history. By leveraging Hanweck’s leading-edge accelerated data processing capabilities, clients can preserve scarce enterprise computing resources for proprietary computations.

Seamless Client Integration

Hanweck transforms the complexity of high-performance computing into a simpler solution for our clients, efficiently delivering the results of high-performance and data driven computing in a directly useful form such as data stream or cloud service.

Hanweck pioneered the application of GPUs to the equity derivatives markets.