Real-time STANS Margin

With regulatory complexity increasing, today’s market environment dictates an increased focus on margin to ensure that your firm is putting capital to use in the most efficient way. Hanweck offers the only solution to enable you to manage your margin position – intraday.

  • By leveraging Hanweck's OCC STANS margin engine, OCC clearing members can anticipate margin requirements based on real-time market conditions and up-to-the second position and collateral information.
  • With Hanweck’s STANS engine, clearing members can gain deeper insight into their portfolios:

    • Margin attribution: determine the impact of specific customer portfolios within an entire clearing member account.
    • Margin scenario analysis: determine the sensitivity of STANS margin requirements to changes in market conditions.
    • Margin what-if analysis: determine the impact of adding and removing positions in the portfolio.
    • Stock Loan clearing:  measure the impact of directing stock loan trades to be cleared by the OCC and determine the most suitable destination.
  • Flexible integration options either through a RESTful service or via a margin portal.

Collateral Optimization

Due to increased balance sheet costs, the ability to efficiently meet CCP margin requirements is critical.

  • With Hanweck's OCC STANS margin engine, clearing members can gain unprecedented insight into their OCC portfolios.
  • Hanweck’s OCC STANS engine can optimize total requirements based on up-to-date positions and available collateral inventory.
  • Using a stated cost of capital for each collateral item, the engine can compute an optimal flexible integration to be incorporated into broader firm-wide collateral initiatives.

Collateral Optimization

Anticipate OCC clearing member margin requirements based on real-time market conditions.


Download an Overview of the Hanweck Margin Engine