Historical Data

Hanweck offers a rich and comprehensive dataset of historical market and analytic data. The VoleraSpace™ platform manages over 2 petabytes of data that has great depth and granularity. The Volera® dataset flexibly supports applications ranging from risk management stress testing to the backtesting of trading and investment strategies.


  • Deep historical and analytic data
  • Full-tick, windowed snaps, and end-of-day
  • Market data – quotes & trades
  • Volera analytic data including Implied Volatilies & Greeks
  • Volera signal data including Implied Borrow
  • Customized content that can be pre-calculated or added as dynamic functions


  • One-time
  • Recurring data delivery
  • Custom packages

Flexible Delivery

  • Programmatic APIs – C++, Java, C#
  • File-based delivery including daily and intra-day file extracts via scheduled FTP
  • Very large datasets for customized delivery on media

Custom delivery of the data and analytics you need, for the timeframe that you define.