Jerry Hanweck Featured on Real-Time Risk Panel at STA Chicago Conference

January 11, 2017 - Jerry Hanweck will speak today as part of a panel discussion on "Market and Regulatory Drivers Behind Changing Demand for Risk Management Technology" at the Security Traders' Association of Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting.

Full details of the panel are below, and for highlights, please follow our Twitter feed.

Market and Regulatory Drivers Behind Changing Demand for Risk Management Technology

The dynamic regulatory environment, fundamental changes in market complexity, and exponential growth in market data volumes have had a significant impact on the importance of risk management technology for firms and clearinghouses. This panel will consider the shift toward real-time risk management solutions, including intraday margining, and the ongoing development of a new standard clearing methodology for the options industry (OCC Enhanced TIMS). Panelists will also discuss data consumption and analysis, and solutions available to address the technological challenge of growing data volumes for firms, clearinghouses, and vendors.

Moderator: Bill Eineke, OCC

- Jerry Hanweck, CEO, Hanweck 

- Mauricio Izurieta, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

- Jerry Nelligan, XR Trading